The Floods of the Tiber
by Luis Gómez

Edited and translated by
Chiara Bariviera, Pamela O. Long,
and William L. North

About the Editors i
Acknowledgments and Dedication vi
Illustrations   vii
Abbreviations   viii
Introduction   1
  The Author 5
  The Treatise 9
  The Translation 15
The Floods of the Tiber 17
  Dedication and Introduction 17
  Section 1: The Origin, Name, and
Divinity of the Tiber
  Section 2: The Past Floods of the Tiber 39
  Section 3: The Consequences of Floods 75
Sample Pages from the 1531 Edition 85
Transcription of the Latin Text 89
Documentary Appendix: Contemporary Reports of the Flood of 1531 123
  Anonymous of Bologna, Diluvio di Roma of 1530 124
  Benvenuto Cellini,
Extract from his Autobiography
  Giovanni Domenico Sanga,
Letter to Duke Alessandro de’ Medici
  Excerpt from the Journal of
Cardinal Jerome Aléandre
  Letters from the Diary of Marino Sanudo 137
Bibliography   143
Index   159


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