The Floods of the Tiber
by Luis Gómez
Edited and translated by
Chiara Bariviera,
Pamela O. Long &
William L. North

The Chronicle of an Anonymous Roman
Edited and translated by
James A. Palmer

History of the City of Rome
in the Middle Ages
by Ferdinand Gregorovius
Introduction by David S. Chambers

The Marvels of Rome
Mirabilia Urbis Romae

Patronage, Gender & the Arts
in Early Modern Italy:
Essays in Honor of Carolyn Valone

Edited by
Katherine A. McIver &
Cynthia Stollhans

The Revolution of Cola di Rienzo
by Francesco Petrarca

Translated from Latin by
Mario E. Cosenza.
3rd, revised, edition by
Ronald G. Musto

Roman Ghosts
by Luigi Malerba
translated and introduced by
Miriam Aloisio & Michael Subialka

Rome Italy Renaissance
Edited by
Marilyn Annonberg Lavin

The Sack of Rome
by Luigi Guicciardini
Edited and translated by
James H. Mc Gregor 

The Scruffy Scoundrels (Gli Straccioni)
by Annibal Caro
A new dual-language edition by
Donald Beecher &
Massimo Ciavolella

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