The Records of the
Venetian Senate
on Disk, 1335-1400

Edited by Benjamin G. Kohl

THIS DIGITAL ARCHIVE of the records of the Venetian Senate for the fourteenth century offers a complete electronic edition of the previously printed Senate deliberations from the series Misti, registers 17-44 (1335-1400), and Secreta, registers Istria (1335), A (1345-48), B (1348-51), D (1376-77), E (1388-97). This database, comprising the Latin texts of 4385 records, provides ready access to this source material by giving for each record the register, folio and date of the original, with short title and page of the edition, a headnote in English summarizing content, and notation of other editions and relevant historical literature.

THE DIGITAL ARCHIVE is searchable by any number of parameters: by fondo, register, date and range, by keywords and strings within the documents. A simple console of control buttons allows the user to sort the found sets by date, register, record or edition, and to view and print records on demand in an easily readable format.

BENJAMIN G. KOHL, late Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities at Vassar College, carefully collated all the texts against the original printed edition, and whenever possible against the original documents in the Archivio di Stato, Venice. All 4385 records have been edited for consistency of usage to create an accessible first reference for this invaluable archive. The Records of the Venetian Senate on Disk thus provides the most extensive collection of Venetian Senate documents available outside the original manuscripts in Venice.

THIS CD-ROM is compatible with both the latest Macintosh and Windows systems and includes a PDF booklet explaining the use of the program and its search parameters. This booklet is readable on screen and printable on demand.

THIS WORK is an indispensable correlative to Prof. Kohl’s Rulers of Venice, 1332-1524 / Governanti di Venezia, 1332-1524: Interpretations, Methods, Database.

1. The Senate in the History of Fourteenth-Century
2. How to Use This Edition
3. Abbreviations and Short Titles
4. Timeline of Fourteenth-Century Venetian History
5. Gazetteer of Places Mentioned in Senate Documents
6. Glossary of Venetian Administrative and
Commercial Terms
7. List of Registers of Senate Deliberations Analyzed
and Edited
8. The Electronic Archive of nearly 4400 partes.

CD-ROM, version 1.2 Macintosh
ISBN: 978-0-934977-71-2

CD-ROM, version 1.2 Windows  
ISBN: 978-0-934977-72-0

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