THE ITALICA PRESS WEB STORE is currently in transition. Most of our titles are now available directly via There you can view, sample and purchase them, generally at a discount. We are now updating our web pages so that they no longer link to our old web store but instead provide links to these Amazon pages.

A few special titles, listed below, are distributed directly by Italica Press. We also continue to make them available in quantity at a discount for course adoptions and other group sales.

To order these titles, please contact us directly at 917-371-0563 or at, indicating title, quantity, and providing complete bill and ship to information. If you are a bookstore, distributor or library, please also provide a purchase order number. We will generate an invoice with our best adoption discount and e-mail that to you.

For all other titles — including their print and e-book versions — please go to our regular web pages on this site and follow their purchase links. You can also download our complete catalog in a printable PDF format.

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Anonymous La Veniexiana
Aretino, Pietro Cortigiana
* *
The Marescalco
Ariosto, Ludovico Supposes
Bargagli, Girolamo The Female Pilgrim
(La Pellegrina)
Benjamin of Tudela Itinerary: Travels in the Middle Ages
Beolco, Angelo (Ruzzante) La Moschetta
Bernini, Gian Lorenzo The Impresario
Bruno, Giordano
Caro, Annibal
Cecchi, Giovan Maria The Horned Owl
* *
Della Porta, Giambattista The Sister
De’ Sommi (Ebreo), Leone The Three Sisters
Le Tre Sorelle
Gregorovius, Ferdinand History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages
Complete 8 vol. set.
Kohl, Benjamin G. The Records of the Venetian Senate, 1335-1400
Piccolomini, Alessandro Alessandro

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