A Conspiracy of Talkers
by Gaetano Savatteri

Translated by Steve Eaton

American Lieutenant Benjamin Adano investigates some missing trucks, while the Carabinieri craft a conspiracy to implicate an innocent man for a mayor’s murder and protect the dead man’s enemies. The entire town, from the priest to the poet, gets caught in a web of half-truths and deception.

Class, generational, and political conflicts, poverty and war form the backdrop of this skillfully translated masterpiece of crime narrative. The tension between truth and lies, between words and silence fills this small-town Sicilian drama to mirror the larger devastating effects of injustice, both personal and societal.

A subtle story of perennial Sicilian images…. The scenes echo now with Sciascia-like investigations,…now with a fatalism of Il Gattopardo, now with Camilleri-like detective tales.”
— Rossana Campisi in La Repubblica

A novel that can be read in one breath, presenting itself almost like an essay and…leaving the reader with a sense of certainty, managing to hit on the ultimate essence of justice.”
— Salvatore Ferlita in La Repubblica

There are pages in this little book of high narrative quality.… moments of strong narrative intensity that reveal Savatteri as a natural-born storyteller…it’s a kind of challenge, respectful and courageous: it’s the conscientious, rational, sober acceptance of a difficult legacy.”
— Andrea Camilleri, author of the Montalbano Series

Italian original: La congiura dei loquaci

A new title in Italica's Italian Crime Writers Series

Introduction and list of characters
Note by Andrea Camilleri
170 pages

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