New Italian Voices
Transcultural Writing in
Contemporary Italy

A Dual-Language Edition
Edited and Translated from the Italian,
with introduction and notes,
by Cinzia Sartini Blum &
Deborah L. Contrada

About the Editors   viii
Preface   ix
Introduction   xi
  Giving Voice: Reflections on Italian Literature in the Age of Migration xi
  An Anthology of Transcultural Writing in Contemporary Italy xxi
  A Note on the Challenges and Rewards of Translation xxvii
  Acknowledgements xxviii
Ubah Cristina Ali Farah Saba’s Line 3
  Katya’s Cry 6
  Maimuna’s Hands 8
  Tiziana’s Rage 10
Clementina Sandra Ammendola What They Say about Me 13
Paul Bakolo Ngoi Half a Lesson 17
Mihai Mircea Butcovan In Padania, Dreaming of Mutu 31
Rosana Crispim da Costa   38
  I Am Waiting for a Sign 39
  My Body Translates 39
  I Don’t Disavow Fear 41
  Message 41
  I Am Not Here to Write Novels 43
  This Desire for Freedom 43
  In the Shadow of a Single Candle 45
  Song 47
  To Speak to You 49
  Lyrical Sighs 51
Christiana de Caldas Brito The Tightrope Walker 53
  Migrant Snow White 57
Amor Dekhis Other People’s Prayer 63
Gëzim Hajdari   74
  Farmer of Poetry 75
Pap Khouma   92
  Son 93
  Shadow 97
Kossi Komla-Ebri Two Matchboxes 99
Gabriella Kuruvilla The House 111
Amara Lakhous A Premeditated Pregnancy 119
Tahar Lamri Preface 125
  Fragile as Naked Flesh 127
  Twenty Kg (℮) of Dates 129
  The Conviviality of Differences 130
Geneviève Makaping Anthropological Journey of a Bamiléké Immigrant 133
  The Participant Observation of an
Eccentric Subject: A Reflection
  On the Train. Pordenone-Verona 137
Ndjock Ngana   138
  The African 139
  Blood 141
  Prison 143
Jarmila Očkayová Eye on Pinocchio 145
Candelaria Romero   150
  Immigrant without a Vote 151
  The Cleaning Lady 153
  Day of the Out of Place 153
  Landscape and Inscape 155
  For Thumbelina 155
  If Only There Were an Invention 157
  I Ask Forgiveness 159
  All My Life I’ve Been Blind 159
Barbara Serdakowski   162
  L’attente 163
  When the Day Gets up Sad 167
  Langues et raisons 171
  Lands 181
  Jeszcze raz 183
Laila Wadia Kalì Red 189
  Friends for Life 203
Yousef Wakkas Cherry Kebab and Strawberry Lasagna 225
About the Authors   231

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