The Miracles and Translatio of
Saint James
Books Two and Three of the
Liber Sancti Jacobi

ranslation, with Introduction, Commentaries and Notes
by Thomas F. Coffey
and Maryjane Dunn

About the Editors   v
Illustrations   ix
Preface   xi
Acknowledgments   xviii
Abbreviations   xix
Introduction   xxi
  Saint James the Greater in the New Testament xxi
  Saint James in Early Christian Writings xxiii
  Saint James in Spain xxviii
  Naming the Liber Sancti Jacobi xxxvii
  The Codex Calixtinus and Salamanca MS 2631 xli
  Twentieth-Century Editions and Translations of the Liber Sancti Jacobi xlii
  The Miracles of Saint James:
Book II of the Liber Sancti Jacobi
  The Authors of the Miracles xlvii
  Chronology and Dates of the Miracles xlix
  Geographic and Regional Distribution of the Miracles liv
  Aspects of Saint James in the Miracles liv
  Feast Days and the Miracles lvii
  The Translatio of Saint James:
Book III of the Liber Sancti Jacobi
  Notes on the Translation lxvii
The Miracles of Saint James 1
The Translatio of Saint James 69
Appendices   97
  1. Pseudo-Abdias: The “Passion of James” 97
  2. Song on the Altars of the Twelve Apostles 106
  3. O Word of God Revealed by the Mouth of the Father 107
  4. Pasionario Hispánico: Saint James, Brother of John 110
  5. Pasionario Hispánico: About Torquatus and His Companions 118
  6. Agreement of Antealtares 122
  7. History of Compostela: Discovery and Translatio 127
  8. The “Veneranda dies”: How the Translatio of this Apostle Occurred 132
  9. Feast Day of Saint Luparia 135
Bibliography   137
Index   151

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