Giovanni Boccaccio
The Downfall of the Famous

Translated by Louis B. Hall
with New Notes and Bibliography

Preface to the Second Edition
Introduction by Louis Brewer Hall
Book 1    
  About Adam and Eve  
  About Saturn: Time Consumes all Things  
  About Cadmus, King of Thebes  
  A Gathering of Unhappy Souls   9
  About Jocasta, Queen of Thebes   11
  Quarrel of Thyestes and Atreus   15
  About Theseus, King of Athens   18
  A Warning against Credulity   22
  A Gathering of the Mournful   24
  About Priam and Hecuba   26
  Against the Proud   30
  About Agamemnon, King of Mycenae   31
  Poverty Applauded   34
  About Samson   35
  Against Women   38
  Some More in Misery   43
Book 2     45
  A Short Introduction   45
  Against the Presumptuous Pride of Kings   45
  About Dido, Queen of Carthage   48
  In Praise of Dido   53
  About Sardanapalus, King of Assyria   54
  Against Sardanapalus and His Ilk   58
  A Few Thoughts about Dreams   60
  An Invective against Deceit   61
Book 3     63
  Introduction   63
  The Fight of Poverty and Fortune   63
  About Tullus Hostilius and Tarquin the Elder   68
  About Tarquin the Proud, His Son Sextus, and the Rape of Lucretia   69
  Against the Prodigious Lust of Princes  
  About Xerxes, King of the Persians   76
  The Dark Blindness of Humanity   80
  Some Unhappy People   82
  About Appius Claudius, the Decemvir   83
  Against Ignorant Lawyers   88
  About Alcibiades, the Athenian   90
  In Defense of Alcibiades   94
  The Author Acquitted and Poetry Commended   96
  Against Riches, the Frenzy of Many   99
Book 4     103
  Introduction   103
  About Marcus Manlius Capitolinus   103
  Against the Faithlessness of the Common People   107
  About Alexander the Great and Callisthenes the Philosopher   108
Book 5     113
  About Marcus Atilius Regulus   113
  Against Those Who Do not Love Their Country Enough   117
  About Hannibal, King of Carthage   120
  About Prusias, King of Bithynia   125
Book 6     127
  A Conversation between Fortune and the Author   127
  About Gaius Marius from Arpinum   133
  A Few Words about Nobility   137
  About Pompey the Great   138
  A Few Words of the Author’s   144
  A Huge Wrangling Multitude   145
  About Marcus Tullius Cicero   148
  Against the Detractors of Rhetoric   152
  A Number of Mourners   156
  About Mark Antony the Triumvir and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt   157
Book 7      
  A Quarrel between Tiberius, Gaius Caligula, and Valeria Messalina   163
  About Nero Claudius Caesar   171
  Some Afflicted Celebrities   179
  About Aulus Vitellius Caesar   180
  Against Gluttony and Gourmands   185
Book 8     189
  The Renowned Francesco Petrarch and His Reproof of the Author   189
  About Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra   194
  About Odoacer the Ruthenian, King of Italy   196
  On the Present State of the City of Rome   199
  About Arthur, King of the Britons   200
Book 9     207
  About Brunhildis, Queen of the Franks   207
  A Huge Crowd of Lamenters   214
  About Walter, Duke of Athens   216
  An Excuse by the Author for Philippa of Catania   222
  About Philippa of Catania   223
  A Last Few Mourners and the End of the Book   228

Select Bibliography

  Primary   231
  Secondary   232
Index     237


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