Eileen Gardiner

Eileen Gardiner is the publisher of Italica Press. She is also the former co-executive director of the Medieval Academy of America and the former co-director of ACLS Humanities E-Book.

She has recently been named Honorary Research Fellow of the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Bristol, UK.

She holds a Ph.D. in English and comparative literature, with a specialization in medieval literature, from Fordham University.

Dr. Gardiner has published several articles and books on medieval vision literature, including her Visions of Heaven and Hell Before Dante. She is the editor of Hell-on-Line, a website that comprises a comprehensive collection of visions, tours and descriptions of the infernal otherworld from various religious and cultural traditions; and The Pilgrim’s Way to St. Patrick’s Purgatory, a project that traces for the modern pilgrim the medieval route from Dublin to Lough Derg in County Donegal.

With Ronald G. Musto, she is the co-author of the articles on “The Electronic Book” in the The Oxford Companion to the Book (2010) and The Book: A Global History (Oxford University Press, 2013), and of The Digital Humanities: A Primer for Scholars and Students (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

Her recent articles include “Visions and Journeys,” in  Dante in Context, edited by Lino Pertile and Zygmunt G. Baranski (Cambridge University Press, 2015); “Hell,” in the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, Vol. 11: The Middle Ages and Reformation, edited by Carolyn Muessig (De Gruyter, 2015); “Hell, Purgatory and Heaven,” in Handbook of Medieval Culture, vol. 1, edited by Albrecht Classen (De Gruyter, 2015); and “Heavens and Hells,” in The Routledge Companion to Death and Dying, edited by Christopher M. Moreman (Routledge, 2017).

She is a featured scholar in the History Channel documentary, Gates of Hell, from August 2010. She has been interviewed about hell on radio in “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” on the Tapestry program with Mary Hynes, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in September 2010; and on “Encounter” with Gary Bryson, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National, in March 2014.

Dr. Gardiner’s forthcoming articles include “The Vision of Tnugdal,” in the Cambridge Companion to the Medieval Afterlife, edited by Richard Matthew Pollard (Cambridge University Press).

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