A Scarlet Renaissance
Essays in Honor of
Sarah Blake McHam

Edited by
Arnold Victor Coonin

Twelve essays by former doctoral students honor the achievements of Sarah Blake McHam as a teacher, mentor and scholar. Topics cover a wide range of Italian art, ranging from the trecento to the early seventeenth century, including work in various media, especially Renaissance sculpture. These works share McHam’s methodology of applying interdisciplinary evidence to rigorously understand the role art plays within its culture.

The contributions include Arnold Victor Coonin, Preface and Acknowledgments * Debra Pincus, “Like a Good Shepherd”: A Tribute to Sarah Blake McHam * Amy R. Bloch, Perspective and Narrative in the Jacob and Esau Panel of Lorenzo Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise * David Boffa, Sculptors’ Signatures and the Construction of Identity in the Italian Renaissance * Meghan Callahan, Bronzino, Giambologna & Adriaen de Vries: Influence, Innovation and the Paragone * Arnold Victor Coonin, The Spirit of Water: Reconsidering the Putto Mictans Sculpture in Renaissance Florence * Kelley Helmstutler Di Dio, From Medalist to Sculptor: Leone Leoni’s Bronze Bust of Charles V * Phillip Earenfight, Civitas Florenti[a]e: The New Jerusalem and the Allegory of Divine Misericordia * Gabriela Jasin, God’s Oddities and Man’s Marvels: Two Sculptures of Medici Dwarfs * Linda A. Koch, Medici Continuity, Imperial Tradition and Florentine History: Piero de’ Medici’s Tabernacle of the Crucifix at S. Miniato al Monte * Heather R. Nolin, A New Interpretation of Paolo Veronese’s Saint Barnabas Healing the Sick * Katherine Poole, Medici Power and Tuscan Unity: The Cavalieri di Santo Stefano and Public Sculpture in Pisa and Livorno under Ferdinando I * Lilian H. Zirpolo, Embellishing the Queen’s Residence: Queen Christina of Sweden’s Patronage of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Members of His Circle of Sculptors * Sarah Blake McHam’s List of Publications.

1st printing. 338 pages, 117 illustrations. Preface, introduction, notes and bibliography; index.

Art History, cultural history.

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