Donald Beecher &
Massimo Ciavolella

Donald Beecher is the Chancellor’s Professor in the Department of English at Carleton University in Canada, where he specializes in the literature of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. His research and teaching have taken him in many directions from the history of medicine to the cognitive sciences, with salient adventures along the way into Ben Jonson studies, early English prose fiction, tricksters, folklore, early music, Italian theatre, exploration and pharmacology, witchcraft, and the history of collecting. The Scruffy Scoundrels is his eighth book-collaboration with Massimo Ciavolella, including their collaboration on the English and French editions of Ferrand’s Treatise on Lovesickness. Their future projects include a new translation of tales from Boccaccio’s Decameron for Broadview Press and of the anonymous Sienese theatrical masterpiece, The Deceived, for Italica Press.

Massimo Ciavolella studied at the Universities of Bologna, Rome, and British Columbia, where he received his Ph.D. in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies. He taught at Carleton University and at the University of Toronto before becoming Director of the UCLA Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. He was the co-founder and co-editor (1970–91) of Quaderni d’italianistica, and he is currently co-editor of the Carleton Renaissance Plays in Translation Series and of the University of Toronto Press’s Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library. In addition to many articles, he has written and co-edited several books, including Saturn from Antiquity to the Renaissance; Scrittori, tendenze letterarie e conflitto delle poetiche in Italia (1960–1990); Ariosto Today: Contemporary Perspectives; Culture and Authority in the Baroque; and, among the eight co-publications he shares with Donald Beecher, two critical editions of Jacques Ferrand’s A Treatise on Lovesickness, one in English, the other in French.

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