Egyptian Hell
Visions, Tours and Descriptions
of the Infernal Otherworld

Second Edition

Edited by Eileen Gardiner

The concept of the afterlife is important in the cultural and religious tradition of Ancient Egypt. Many of the artifacts, and most of the texts, that survive are associated with the rites surrounding the burial of the dead — not only the enormous tombs and pyramids built to contain the remains of important leaders, but also small grave goods for the comfort of the dead on the otherworld journey.

These artifacts reveal the Egyptian notion of hell: a place of annihilation and destruction where the dead, after judgment, might be condemned. Six Egyptian texts include descriptions of this hell, which have been collected here from: 

  • The Book of the Two Ways
    [Book of the Ways of Rosetau]
  • The Book of the Nether World
    [Book of Amduat]
  • The Book of Gates
  • The Book of the Dead
    [Book of Going Forth by Day]
  • The Book of the Earth
  • The Book of Caverns. 

This work is published in conjunction with the website, which presents a comprehensive collection of materials on the more than 100 visions, tours and descriptions of the infernal otherworld from the cultures of the world from 2000 BCE to the present.
This second edition contains a new preface, introduction and bibliography.

Second edition
Six texts, preface, introduction, notes, glossary, bibliography, web resources.

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