Guidubaldo Bonarelli

GUIDUBALDO BONARELLI DELLA ROVERE was born in Pesaro on Christmas 1563. He was the brother of the tragidian Prospero Bonarelli (1588–1659). In 1579, destined by his father for a place in the priesthood, he was sent to Paris to study philosophy and theology, but he rejected these plans and pursued a courtly life of ambassadorial missions.

He first entered the service of Cardinal Francesco Borromeo and then of the Este. But a series of secret personal intrigues led to his banishment. He then took up the literary life in earnest around 1601. He published Phyllis in 1605.

Unfortunately his remaining time was short, and he died in 1608 at the age of forty-five. His Discorsi in difesa del doppio amore di Celia appeared postumously in 1612.

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