Michael A.H. Newth

BORN IN 1950 at Felton in south-western England, Michael Newth was a foundation Choral Scholar of Coventry Cathedral and King Henry VIII Grammar School, before emigrating to Australia in 1965. Graduating from Macquarie University in 1973, he currently lives in Sydney’s south-west, where he has worked for over 30 years as a co-ordinator and teacher of Languages Other Than English for the New South Wales Department of Education and Training.

MICHAEL A.H. NEWTH has published several verse translations of Old French chansons de geste, including, The Song of Aspremont (1989), The Song of Aliscans (1992), Girart de Vienne (1999) and Heroes of the French Epic (2005), a collection of six epics of which two, The Song of William and Raoul de Cambrai, have been anthologized and illustrated in Epics of the Middle Ages (ed. R. Barber) by The Folio Society.

With The Song of Roland Newth continues his collaboration with Italica Press, which began in 2005 with the publication of Aymeri of Narbonne: A French Epic Romance and with Fierabras and Floripas: French Epic Allegory in 2010.

Michael Newth’s other abiding passion is music in general and the British art-song in particular.


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