After the War
A Collection of Short Fiction
by Postwar Italian Women

Edited by Martha King

[This is a] superb collection of writing, highly original in its conception and very valuable for its starting points and directions for further reading. King is not a newcomer in her attention to the feminism of Italian writing. In 1989, for example, we’d already singled out for favorable comment her New Italian Women, the anthology of writing by Italian women writers also published by Italica Press. The present collection, After the War, follows up on and continues this critical discourse. It also affords the reader a new opportunity to know more recent Italian women writers.…

The reader moves from autobiographical sketches to a kind of memory-writing that we might term collective, without avoiding sexual and other themes considered taboo for women writers until recent years. This collection speaks about the concrete reality we see every day: from abuse and violence of every type to the discovery of the body as a natural object and to an eroticism that derives from this first-hand knowledge.

Here the reader discovers the reality of the Bel Paese served up daily by TV, the empire of pop music and the internet — not to mention the steady Americanization of the peninsula’s culture and language. It’s really a vast panorama of interests and ways of seeing and living life.

Each of these writers has her own personality and style — lively or reflective — that opens up a door to existence and the world and that are at times startling in their insights and engagement.

— Franco Borelli, America Oggi, February 6, 2005

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