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History of the City of Rome
in the Middle Ages

by Ferdinand Gregorovius

Volume 6, 1305-1420

THIS EDITION of Ferdinand Gregorovius’ History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages is based on the second revised edition of the English translation and matches the original page-for-page — and footnote-for-footnote — for accuracy of citation and is entirely reset for modern readability.

VOLUME VI, PART 1 includes * an Introduction to Gregorovius and his work by David S. Chambers of the Warburg Institute, London, and Book Eleven of Gregorovius’ History.

BOOK ELEVEN covers the years 1305 to 1354. It treats * the desertion of Rome, and the Avignon Papacy * Emperor Henry VII in Italy, 1312–13 * the Colonna and the Orsini * Fra Venturino da Bergamo * Petrarch and Rome * John XXII, Benedict XII, Clement VI * Lewis of Bavaria in Rome * the civil war of the 1330s * the life and revolution of Cola di Rienzo * the rebirth of the republic and Cola’s government * the destruction of the barons * Cola’s excommunication, his exile in the Abruzzi and Bohemia * Cardinal Giles Albornoz reconquers the Papal States * Cola’s trial in Avignon, his return to Rome, and his death.

VOLUME VI, PART 2 includes * Book Twelve of Gregorovius’ History.

BOOK TWELVE covers the years 1355 to 1420. It treats * Emperor Charles IV in Italy * Albornoz and the Roman constitution * Popes Urban V and Gregory XI * Bridget of Sweden and Catherine of Siena * Florence and the War of the Eight Saints * the Roman conclave of 1378 and the Great Schism * Urban VI, Clement VII, and Boniface IX * Ladislaus of Naples rules Rome * the Jubilee of 1400 * Innocent VII, Gregory XII and Benedict XIII * the Council of Pisa, Alexander V, John XXIII * the end of the Schism, Oddo Colonna as Martin V, 1417 * letters, history, architecture, sculpture * customs and manners, ritual, festivals and drama * the Mirabilian tradition and humanism: Petrarch, Poggio * the urban fabric, the regions, population, the Campania.

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