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5-1, Book 9

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History of the City of Rome
in the Middle Ages

by Ferdinand Gregorovius

Volume 5, 1200-1305

THIS EDITION of Ferdinand Gregorovius’ History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages is based on the second revised edition of the English translation and matches the original page-for-page — and footnote-for-footnote — for accuracy of citation and is entirely reset for modern readability.

VOLUME V PART 1 includes * an Introduction to Gregorovius and his work by David S. Chambers of the Warburg Institute, London, and Book Nine of Gregorovius’ History.

BOOK NINE covers the years 1200 to 1260. It treats * the reign of Innocent III in Rome and abroad * the house of Conti * Emperor Frederick II * the papal crusade against the Hohenstaufen * the States of the Church in the 13th century * senatorial rule in Rome * the Savelli, the Poli, the Anibaldi, the Orsini and the Colonna * Rome and its neighbors in Lazio and Tuscany * St. Francis, St. Dominic, the rise of the mendicants, heresy and popular spirituality * the Guelphs and Ghibellines * Conrad IV * Rome under Brancaleone degli Andalò * the civic constitution, the rise of the Populus and the Guilds.

VOLUME V PART 2 includes * Book Ten of Gregorovius’ History.

BOOK TEN covers the years 1260 to 1305. It treats * the Hohenstaufen heirs of Frederick II: Manfred and Conradin * Guelph and Ghibelline conflict in Rome * Urban IV, Charles of Anjou and the conquest of Naples * the battle of Benevento * Rome under Angelo Capocci and Don Arrigo of Castile * Conradin in Rome and his defeat at Tagliacozzo * Charles of Anjou, Senator of Rome * Nicholas III and the rise of the barons * strife among the Orsini, Colonna, and Gaetani * Celestine V and Boniface VIII * the Jubilee of 1300 * the Colonna revolt, Boniface’s crusade against Palestrina and the catastrophe at Anagni * the Avignon papacy begins * cultural life: the university, letters, architecture, the plastic arts * the Cosmati, Giotto, Turrita, Arnolfo di Cambio * the fortresses of the barons, the Senate Palace.

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