Peter Speed

PETER SPEED received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oxford in 1948, a Certificate in French Studies from the University of Paris in 1949, and a Masters of Arts degree in History from the University of Bristol in 1953.

He served for thirty-five years as a teacher in both France and the UK and then as Headmaster of the Seldown Secondary School in Poole, Dorset (1966-83), when he retired to devote himself full-time to writing on medieval subjects. Since 1964 he has published over thirty history texts for school use with Longman, Wheaton & Co, Oxford University Press, and other publishers.

His works include three best-selling volumes in the Oxford Junior History series, and one in the Oxford Children's History series. Among his titles are Life in the Time of Harald Hardrada and the Vikings, Social Problems of the Industrial Revolution (1976), Berkshire (1999), and for Italica Press, the three-volume Anthology of Medieval Sources: Those Who Fought (1996), Those Who Prayed (1997), Those Who Worked (1997), and Medieval Cautionary Tales (2003).

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