In Old Paris

Edited & Translated
by Robert W. Berger

IN OLD PARIS presents five descriptions of the city from 1323 to 1790. These include A Treatise of the Praises of Paris by Jean de Jandun (1323), The Description of the City of Paris by Guillebert de Mets (1407-34), A Description of Paris by the Venetian Ambassador’s Secretary (1577-79), Giovanni Paolo Marana’s Pleasant Critique of Paris (1692) and Letters from Paris by the Russian traveller Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin (1790).

PARIS WAS CHANGED forever by the upheaval of the French Revolution during the last decade of the eighteenth century and by the physical transformation of the city in the mid-nineteenth. Old Paris does survive, however, in many of its architectural monuments and also in these fascinating urban descriptions by residents of, and visitors to, the city.

THIS VOLUME includes a select bibliography on Parisian history, urbanism and architecture; an architectural gazetteer; an appendix on the size and population of Paris from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century; a glossary, and an index.

History, urban description, travel literature.

Paperback, 194 pp.
ISBN 978-0-934977-66-1
Price: $20.00

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