History of the City of Rome
in the Middle Ages

by Ferdinand Gregorovius

Volume 1, 400-568 CE

THIS EDITION of Ferdinand Gregorovius’ History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages is based on the second revised edition of the English translation and matches the original page-for-page — and footnote-for-footnote — for accuracy of citation and is entirely reset for modern readability.

VOLUME I includes * a new introduction to the Gregorovius and his work by David S. Chambers of the Warburg Institute in London * Annie Hamilton’s preface to her translation * Friedrich Althaus’s biographical notice on Gregorovius.

BOOK ONE covers from the beginning of the 5th century to the fall of the Western Empire in 476. It treats * the description of the city, its churches and monuments * The transformation from a pagan to a Christian city * The city’s encounter with Honorius, Radagaisus, and Stilicho * The sieges of Alaric * Popes and Vandals * Saints and Emperors * Empresses and Legends.

BOOK TWO extends from the beginning of the reign of Odoacer to the establishment of the Exarchate in Ravenna in 568 and includes * The career of Theodoric * The survival of Roman customs and festivals * The Jews of Rome and schism in the Catholic Church * The trial and execution of Boethius and Symmachus * Amalasuntha, Belisarius, Vitiges * Rome between the Goths and the Byzantines * Invasions by the Lombards and other Barbarians * The condition of Rome at the end of the wars.

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