The Great Bear

by Ginevra Bompiani

Translated by Brian Kern & Sergio Parussa.
Introduction by Sergio Parussa.
Afterword by Blossom S. Kirschenbaum

GINEVRA BOMPIANI’S fiction could be compared to certain figurations of Sleep. The landscape created by her prose recalls paintings in which peaceful figures sleep in a quiet wood, in a solitary house — any place where the senses can dim and reason's guard is dropped. These are places where nothing seems to happen but which open onto a dream's thousand possibilities. It is precisely into that borderland — where reason dozes off and makes room for myths, fables, and dreams — that Ginevra Bompiani’s prose ventures.

Bompiani has been compared to Calvino. Both share a style that combines philosophical intent with modes of fantasy, a “Mythical Realism” that uses fairy-tale and mythical tropes to express the discrepancies in everyday reality. Here the old gods of the sky can teach us how much our world is haunted by a total absence of spirit.

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ISBN: 978-0-934977-64-7
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