by Torquato Tasso

Translated and edited by
Charles Jernigan
& Irene Marchegiani Jones

TASSO’S MASTERPIECE Aminta is perhaps the most famous pastoral play ever. It is also the work that launched the reputation of the author of the famed Italian epic poem of the First Crusade, Gerusalemme liberata. This story of satyrs and nymphs, shepherds and lovers is set in the ideal forest, far from the world of urban sophistication and decadence. It is presented here in the first Italian-English, dual-language edition of the play, and is the first new English translation published since the 19th century.

Aminta’s importance can not be overestimated; and its influence has been phenomenal, spawning over 200 plays by 1700 in Italy alone. This Italian pastoral is the source of numerous plays in France, Spain and England. Indirectly at least, it is also an inspiration for Shakespeare’s pastoral comedies, such as As You Like It, Twelfth Night, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

This volume is illustrated with the original woodcuts of the 1589 Aldine edition.

Winner of the 2002 Premio Internazionale Diego Valeri of the Premio Monselice.

214 pp. Introduction, notes, bibliography, illustrated.

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