History of the City of Rome
in the Middle Ages

Ferdinand Gregorovius

Introduction by David S. Chambers

ITALICA PRESS offers the complete publication of the 8-volume (in 13 parts) masterwork by the great modern historian of medieval Rome. Originally published in German in 1854 and translated into English in 1894 by Annie G. Hamilton, Gregorovius’ work remains the standard reference on medieval Rome both for its comprehensive narrative scope and for its depth of detail and use of primary sources. Though often superceded by modern specialist studies, it remains a basic reference for Roman political, religious, and cultural studies and is a landmark in historical writing in its own right. It thus offers the most comprehensive introduction and companion guide to the City and its developing history from late Antiquity to the Renaissance.

DAVID S. CHAMBERS, of the Warburg Institute in London, provides a new Introduction that places Gregorovius within the context of his time, discusses his overall career and its relationship to the History, and reviews this work in light of its later reception and recent research. He also highlights the achievement of Annie Hamilton's translation.

GREGOROVIUS’ History has been long out-of-print and available only in a one-volume condensation. Italica Press now offers both paperback and downloadable e-book versions, in a new edition, based on the second revised edition. Both versions match the original page-for-page and footnote-for-footnote for accuracy of citation, but are entirely reset for modern readability, and complete searchability (and annotation) in the electronic edition.

TITLES ARE AVAILABLE in either paperback or downloadable e-book versions. Our readers may order complete volumes in paperback or by each of Gregorovius’ 15 books in the Kindle edition. We also offer a discount for the complete paperback edition (8 volumes in 13 parts).

DAVID S. CHAMBERS, emeritus Reader in Renaissance History at the Warburg Institute, University of London, has published many books and articles on aspects of Italian Renaissance history, including that of Rome. He was from 1972-99 an editor of the Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes.


1. 400-568 CE
Paper, 612 pp., ISBN: 978-0-934977-73-9

Kindle Edition, ASIN: B00YZMOQWC

2. 568-800
Paper, 600 pp., ISBN: 978-0-934977-74-6

Kindle Edition, ASIN: B005ERY4GU

3. 800-1002
Paper, 597 pp., ISBN: 978-0-934977-75-3

Kindle Edition 3.1 (Book 5), ASIN: B00LVA7006
Kindle Edition 3.2 (Book 6), ASIN: B00PRGVRNG

4. 1003-1199.
4-1 (Book 7)
Paperback, 386 pp., ISBN: 978-1-59910-113-2

Kindle Edition,ASIN: B00MRKNAWQ

4-2 (Book 8)
Paperback, 408 pp., ISBN: 978-1-59910-114-9
Kindle Edition, ASIN: B00Q0PIF2O

5. 1200-1305.
5-1 (Book 9)
Paperback, 404 pp., ISBN: 978-159910-115-6

Kindle Edition, ASIN: B00N47L924
E-Book, ISBN: 978-1-59910-051-7

5-2 (Book 10)
Paperback, 376 pp., ISBN: 978-159910-116-3
Kindle Edition, ASIN: B00Q7BO0RA
E-Book, ISBN: 978-1-59910-052-4

6. 1305-1420.
6-1 (Book 11)
Paperback, 444 pp., ISBN: 978-159910-117-0
Kindle Edition, ASIN: B00PBA7UZM

6-2 (Book 12)
Paperback, 404 pp., ISBN: 978-159910-118-7
Kindle Edition, ASIN: B00QFQM4KC

7. 1421-1503.
7-1 (Book 13.1-4)
Paperback: 472 pp., ISBN: 978-159910-119-4
Kindle Edition, ASIN: B00US3863C

7-2 (Book 13.5-7)
Paperback: 420 pp., ISBN: 978-159910-120-0
Kindle Edition, ASIN: B00PHS4C6S

8. 1503-1534.
8-1 (Book 14.1-4)
Paperback, 480 pp., ISBN: 978-159910-121-7
Kindle Edition, ASIN: B010GKXNVQ

8-2 (Book 14.5-7)
Paperback, 440 pp., ISBN: 978-159910-122-4
Kindle Edition, ASIN: B00PR2MPJU

(8 vols. in 13)
5,985 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-934977-97-6.
Price: $285.

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