The Road to Compostela
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Santiago Course ListServ
Reviewed by Michel Besson

“YOU HAVE a complete dictionary of the saints associated with the Camino on the [e-book] put out by Italica Press.... The thing is called ‘The Road to Compostela’ either for Mac or PC, by Coffey, Davidson, Dunn, Krochalis & Melczer. A great package with tons of stuff on the Camino.”

La corónica, January 27, 1998
Reviewed by Mark D. Johnston, Ph.D.

The Road to Compostela offers a complete pilgrim’s guide in digital format, presented on screen as 456 successive two-page openings from a little book. The texts prepared with scholarly rigor and the 150 full-color photographs certainly exceed anything that a medieval pilgrim could have expected....

The main sections are: maps of the Road to Santiago convering western France to Galicia; table of contents; a profusely illustrated gazetteer of locales along the Road; a collection of medieval texts (translated into English) about the Road and pilgrimage; a dictionary of saints from locales along the Road; a copiously annotated bibliography.... The gazetteer, texts, and dictionary are all cross-referenced with numerous hyperlinks that allow readers to jump immediately to items mentioned....

The artwork, typography, and illustrations are all of very high quality. The overall impression of a stylized illuminated manuscript is a pleasure to peruse. Given the quantity of information included in this program, it would certainly be a useful English-language reference work for students. With so many scholarly works on CD-ROM still selling for hundreds of dollars, this [e-book’s] low price (less than most textbooks) makes it an easy choice as a recommended or background reading for any college-level class dealing with medieval European society or culture. Above all, The Road to Compostela is a program that instructors can recommend to students as a reliable source of information, prepared according to academic standards of accuracy and historical perspective, a feature conspicuously absent in many commercial multimedia CDs about medieval art, society, or history.”

(See Gallery Space for a preview of some photos from The Road to Compostela.)

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