Dacia Maraini

DACIA MARAINI is one of Italy’s leading contemporary writers. Novelist, poet, dramatist and journalist, she was born in Florence in 1936.

Maraini burst forth on the Italian literary and cultural scene in the 1960s, where she combined a brilliant style with a sharp critique of contemporary society. Among her best known works, besides Donna in guerra, which is widely considered a manifesto of Italian feminism, are Mio marito (1968), Memorie di una ladra (1972), Il treno per Helsinki (1984), Isolina (1985), and La lunga vita di Marianna Ucria (1990), Dolce (1997) and Buio (1999), a collection of short stories, which won the Premio Strega.

Her plays include Il ricatto a teatro (1970), Maria Stuarda (1975), I sogni di Clitennestra (1981), Veronica, meretrice e scrittora (1991). Her poetry includes Se amando troppo (1998)

Maraini is among the foremost women writers in Italy to have taken on the traditional social role of the male intellectual — equally at home in the university lecture circuit, on popular television, in the theater and poetry scene. She remains an unapologetic progressive and feminist; and — in the best tradition of the European public intellectual — has continued her political activism for over four decades.

Her life’s work has been nominated for the 2011 Man Booker International Prize.

Complete information can be found on her official website.



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