Last Act in Urbino
by Paolo Volponi

...A RICH BLEND of political commentary and sexual farce.... Demanding but ultimately rewarding fiction. (Kirkus Reviews)

...a novel that skillfully interweaves past and present, upper and lower social classes, and devotion of both personal and ideological natures into a tapestry set in the picturesque and vibrant northern Italian city of Urbino.... an excellent novel that provides insight into the paradoxes of modern society. (Bowling Green Daily News)

The novel is rich in poetic nuances and surrealistic flashes that transform political ideology into a personal struggle for identity. The translation captures Volponi’s impeccable style, a literary finesse that makes his writing outstanding and, in many ways, unique. All collections. (Choice)

Last Act in Urbino was written two decades ago. As the current governmental crisis has illustrated, Volponi’s novel is prophetic. (L’Italo-Americano)

The translation...maintains the musicality and feeling of Volponi’s writing while remaining as expressive in English as the original is in Italian. Last Act is concurrently touching and bitingly sarcastic and entices the reader into the lives of the novel’s characters by presenting them each in varying degrees of sympathy and acrimony. (VIA)

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