Giuseppe Bonaviri

GIUSEPPE BONAVIRI was born in 1924 in the hilltop town of Mineo in Sicily. Bonaviri began to write poems, stories, and novels before he was ten, and kept on writing through his high-school and university years in the nearby provincial capital, Catania, where he started medical school in 1943, receiving his degree in 1949.

After earning his degree and while waiting to be drafted, he had begun work on a novel. The draft took him to the Military Academy in Florence in 1950, and during the following year he finished his novel. The well-known writer Elio Vittorini liked it and accepted it for publication in a series of new writers he was editing for the Turin publisher Einaudi. Il sarto della stradalunga (1954) is the story of the author's childhood

He spent several years as a doctor in Mineo, part of that time as the Public Health Office. Bonaviri moved to the Ciociaria region, between Rome and Cassino, where he married in 1957. After 1964, when he began private practice as a cardiologist in Frosinone, he was able to dedicate half of his time to writing. His work has been widely translated.

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