Naples: An Early Guide

by Enrico Bacco &
Cesare d’Engenio Caracciolo

First English edition and translation
by Eileen Gardiner

Introductions to the History and Art History
of Naples by
Ronald G. Musto and
Caroline Bruzelius

THE CITY and its environs c.1600, its topography and plan, monuments, institutions, churches, monasteries, palaces, and fortresses; with discussions of the city’s history, listings of church and secular officials, noble families, local saints and cult centers from late antiquity through the sixteenth century. Illustrated with maps, paintings, engravings, and drawings of the period, including the Tavola Strozzi.

Paperback, 272 pp., introductions, bibliography, complete index, notes, and five new maps.

ISBN: 978-0-934977-20-3
Price: $25.00

Kindle Edition
Price: $9.99


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