The Marvels of Rome
Mirabilia Urbis Romæ

WRITTEN for the pilgrim and sightseer c.1143 by Benedict, a canon of St. Peter’s, this is the best medieval guide to the city and an important source for the location of its medieval churches and ancient monuments. It narrates the early Christian legends that are connected with many of these sites and documents the medieval sense of Rome’s ancient grandeur.

In the twelfth century the inhabited part of Rome, the abitato, as it was called, was a small city tucked into the bend of the Tiber River in the midst of the ruins of the great ancient city. The walls and gates of the ancient city were still in place, and between them and the abitato were fields where the animals grazed among the temples and baths.

THIS EDITION contains the full text of the Marvels, a detailed Gazetteer identifying all the sites mentioned and providing full bibliographical and topographical references, a new introduction, 5 maps, bibliography, and index.

163 pp., illustrated.

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