Those Who Prayed
An Anthology of Medieval Sources

Edited by Peter Speed

THIS IS THE THIRD of Peter Speed's three-volume series of medieval sources in English translation. It includes a wide variety of readings from Britain and the Continent, is richly illustrated, and it provides an ideal introduction to classic sources and new trends in medieval studies for the student and the general reader alike.

Chapter topics include: heaven and hell; the Roman Empire; the Early Middle Ages; Spain in the Early Middle Ages; monastic life; the religious orders; women and religion; secular clergy; literacy, education and books; pilgrims; crusaders; heretics; Christians and Jews; and Church and state.

228 readings include chronicles, histories; guidebooks; legal documents; biographies and miracle books; monastic rules, registers and petitions; letters, poetry, and vision literature.

300 pp. Preface, introduction, bibliography, and index.
100 illustrations, 3 plans.

ISBN: 978-0-934977-41-8
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E-Book Library Edition (JSTOR and ProQuest)
ISBN: 978-1-59910-214-6
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