Those Who Worked
An Anthology of Medieval Sources

Edited by Peter Speed

THIS VOLUME of Peter Speed’s three-volume series of medieval sources in English translation includes a wide variety of readings from Britain and the Continent is richly illustrated and provides an ideal introduction to classic sources and new trends in medieval studies for the student and the general reader alike.

Chapter topics include: agriculture from the late Roman Empire to the late Middle Ages; the village; towns; shopkeepers and craftspeople; conducting business; town government; trade, money and banking; families; food and drink; pastimes; the poor; the sick; plague and rebellion.

234 readings cover records; inventories; calendars, chronicles and histories; travelers’ accounts; scientific treatises; biographies; letters and notebooks; poetry and plays.

284 pp. Preface, glossary, bibliography, and index.
95 illustrations, 2 maps.

ISBN: 978-0-934977-40-1
Price: $25.00

Kindle Edition
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E-Book Library Edition (JSTOR and ProQuest)
ISBN: 978-1-59910-213-9
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