Visions of Heaven & Hell
before Dante

Edited by Eileen Gardiner

THIS ESSENTIAL and widely used collection of visions of heaven and hell, the first in English, presents new translations of two visions and newly edited versions of previously translated ones. Describes the place of these works in medieval literature and provides a helpful resource for studying elements of medieval religion.

This collection of visions includes: St. Peter’s Apocalypse, St. Paul’s Apocalypse, St. Brendan’s Voyage, St. Patrick’s Purgatory, and the Visions of Furseus, Drythelm, Wetti, Charles the Fat, Tundale, the Monk of Evesham, and Thurkill.

6th, revised printing.
Bibliography, index, glossary, notes, illustrated.

Paperback, 318 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-934977-14-2
Price: $20.00

Kindle Edition
Price: $9.99

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