The Sack of Rome
by Luigi Guicciardini

Translated and edited by
James H. Mc Gregor

MC GREGOR’S...translation is eminently readable. His introduction and afterword provide useful information on the historical background, both political and military.... Mc Gregor has done a service to the field of Renaissance studies by making Luigi Guicciardini’s account of the Sack available to an English-reading audience.
(Catholic Historical Review)

Mc Gregor has done the historical world an impressive favor in translating and editing a major work on the Italian post-Renaissance. (Small Press)

Mc Gregor’s smooth translation, the first ever into English, useful not only for undergraduate instruction but also for convenient preliminary consultation by advanced scholars.... This volume constitutes an exceptionally useful tool for teaching undergraduates not only about the Sack of Rome, but also about early sixteenth-century Italian politics and about the conventions of Renaissance historical writing. Mc Gregor deserves our gratitude.
(Renaissance Quarterly)

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