The Miracles of Saint James
Translations from the Liber Sancti Jacobi

Edited and translated by Thomas F. Coffey,
Linda Kay Davidson & Maryjane Dunn

THIS BOOK OFFERS the complete text of Book II of the Codex Calixtinus, the twenty-two miracles associated with St. James, including the famous miracle of the hanged boy, who revives when his father returns from his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. The introduction analyzes the types, places, and recipients of the miracles and discusses the appearances of St. James himself in these stories.

THIS VOLUME also presents the chapter 17 of Book I, the Veneranda dies sermon. This is a contemporary description of the necessity, the ways and means, and the dangers of making the Compostela pilgrimage. The author's diatribes against the abuses common on the route give the twentieth-century reader a fascinating view of life on pilgrimage.

Introduction, notes, illustrations, bibliography, index.
256 pages.

This volume is part of the Italica Press Compostela Project.

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